Ministry of Health ready to recall some dietary supplements.

A negative period continues for food supplements in regards to the withdrawn due to the presence of potentially harmful substances. Among these, particular attention was paid to ethylene oxide, present in pesticides and, for this reason, ended up all too often in foods sold in supermarkets. For supplements it works in the same way: there is a strong focus also on products used to strengthen the body, not only by athletes, to ensure that the intake does not lead to unpleasant consequences.

The Ministry of Health has in fact adapted to the new European regulations, which have effectively eliminated even the infinitesimal thresholds permitted up to now relating to the presence of oxide in products. This inevitably led to many withdrawals from the shelves, with an eye to all those lots that could potentially contain the substance. For this reason, in recent days, some retreats have been carried out, all as a precaution.

The latest recalls are related to two batches of Pool Pharma's Kilocal Complex food supplement. The ministerial motivation is the suspected ethylene oxide contamination in the raw material. It is a product sold in capsules (in the number of 30) and in packs with lot numbers G1E107 and G1D154. The minimum conservation term (Tmc), on the other hand, is 05/2023. Specifically, the supplements in question come from the plant owned by the Nutrilinea company (which produced it for Pool Pharma).
Another very recent recall involved another batch of dietary supplement, Anatek Health's Betamunal COD. This time, the suspected presence of ethylene oxide would be in one of the ingredients. The packages are with lot number 5961 and Tmc 12/2022. The model is that of 14 sachets, produced for Anatek Health Italia Srl by the company Blue Lotus Srl (plant in via Maggetti 14 in Urbino). Anyone who has already purchased it, like the other lot withdrawn, is required not to consume it and to return it to the store where it was bought.