New guidelines for the design, manufacture and distribution of food supplements

The new document "Requirements for good manufacturing practices in the production of food supplements" is now available in the Italian UNI Association catalog.

Developed with experts from Federsalus (Italian National Association of Producers and Distributors of Health Products), it provides a series of indications for "Good Manufacturing Practices in the production of food supplements" (as defined by Directive 2002/46 implemented by Legislative Decree  169/04), including elements of correct hygienic practice (GHP) within the company and indications on the self-control process of production (HACCP), also examining possible sources of chemistry and microbiology and illustrating elements of process qualification.

Introduced by a large section of "Terms and definitions", the document is mainly divided into three parts:

  • - the first relating to the "design" of food supplements;
  • - the second dedicated to manufacturing and control (which includes elements relating to the structure of the production plant and company organization);
  • - the third finally focused on distribution of the finished product.

Five appendices follow (Productions in structured structures; Substances and preparations; Probiotics and prebiotics, etc ...), the last of which is in particular assigned to third-party conformity assessment procedures, i.e. certification.

UNI / PdR 112: 2021 is downloadable from the online catalog.

The text seems to cover most of the related issues and the document will certainly be an inspiration for continuous improvement in the manufacturing companies of our sector.