Food supplements: a 3.5 billion market that needs more attention by MoH

As reports, Andrea Costa, under-secretary of State for Health delegated by Minister Roberto Speranza, discussed and signed documents relating to hygiene and food safety for human nutrition.

Costa stated: "I signed the establishment at the Ministry of Health of the permanent discussion table on food supplements. The working group will directly involve the trade associations, will be chaired by the general director of the Hygiene, Food Safety and Nutrition Directorate General, Dr. Massimo Casciello, and coordinated by Dr. Valeria di Giorgi Gerevini, Director of the 'Special foods, supplements and new foods' office. The working group will have the objective of protecting the health of citizens, addressing and solving the open problems and those that will arise on the subject, proposing a common and proportionate approach".

"This type of product requires special monitoring, which is why the attention of the Ministry has been constant and has grown over time. Since 2002, after the European directive was issued, Italy has been committed to ensuring the highest possible level of safety of supplements, considering that over the years they have become increasingly important for Italians, with an estimated increase in consumption in the last year of over 3.5 billion euros."

The technical table, therefore, will represent a further opportunity for monitoring, deepening, updating and guaranteeing the citizen, so that he is protected, informed and aware.